Manufactured with laminated fabrics

We manufacture practically any model of sacks with polypropylene (raffia) knit that our clients could need. These sacks are flexible and facilitate the filling, storage, transportation and conservation of the products in optimal conditions.

In the same way, the printed sack is an advertising call of the first order for any company, therefore we’ve developed the raffia sacks BOPP with photographic printing, for clients that look for the highest quality printing possible.



The high capabilities during the manipulation and the total adaptability to the automatic machinery pose an incentive for the users that used to use paper and plastic sacks and now have jumped to laminated raffia.

When we deal with tailoring a specific type of sack for the client, our company, analyzes the packaging and palletizing facilities, as well as the product to be packaged. Based on all of this, we work hand in hand with the client to get a sack that works perfectly.


All the raffia sacks that we produce are specially adapted to the needs of the packaging and conservation of the product. The microperforation is useful to allow the transpiration of the sack, letting the product breathe and not having any losses; depending on the zone and the composition of the packaged goods, this perforation need to be of a higher or lower thickness.


Laminated bags:

  • Gusseted bags or with flat bottom
  • Perforated
  • Printed up to six colours

  • Inhouse het cut manufactured
  • Top hemmed imported
  • Printed up to six colours

  • Stitched bottom
  • flat botttom AD STAR
Bags with linner:

  • HDPE or LDPE.
  • flexo or Bopp printing.
  • Flat bottom or gusseted bag
  • stitched linner or glued


The raffia Sacks have an ample and extensive use in the packaging, being the most resistant and economical option for the distribution of goods in bulk in sacks of 5 to 50 kg. Fertiplast has a wide catalogue of uses to satisfy the need of our clients:


The rapid adaptation of raffia sacks to the standard packaging of open mouth sacks allowed the substitution of the traditional paper sacks for the laminated raffia ones.

Sack printing for animal feed

Our machines allow us to print in both sides and a personalization of the raffia sack in up to three colours in each side.

Automatic packaging of feed

Our commercial team, specialized in sacks, guides our clients about the type of product, depending on the production capacity and offers solutions adapted to each client.


The polypropylene sacks are widely used for the flour industry. They maintain insects and microbes out and delay the penetration of oxygen and water steam from the atmosphere.

The need of protection before the humidity and the oxygen makes it especially necessary and determinant when transporting this product in containers, since the storage conditions require an optimal resistance of the material used for the packaging.

Advantages for the flour industry with raffia sacks

· Higher index of waterproofing.

· Considerable decrease of the reprocess of the flour.

· Higher productivity in the load of flour containers in bulk.

    10-15 KG RICE BAGS
    At Fertiplast we have all the sanitary permits to produce sacks for the food industry, especially for the flours and rice.

    Sacks for the exportation of rice

    Large part of the rice industry uses raffia sacks of 20 kg to pack and easily transport their product in perfectly hermetic containers. With it, the product can reach the final client in optimal condition.

    Sacks with cut-out handles

    We have the possibility to fabricate sacks with a small capacity with an incorporated handle for all types of products, directed at the retail trade in stores and supermarkets


    Raffia sacks are an easy and simple resource for packaging cereals in situations where there are no facilities with the specific characteristics (silos) or enough space to store in bulk.

    Ease of transport.

    Nowadays, even though the immense volume of cereal transit is carried out in bulk trucks, there are still certain special needs such as cereal containers which, in order to protect the product, are bagged beforehand to guarantee the preservation of the product’s properties.


    Our polypropylene sack for a great variety of fertilizers thanks to its excellent resistant to acids, humidity and anti-filtration. It’s an economic and ecological solution for the agricultural industry.

    Sack printing for fertilizers

    We pay special attention to the quality of our raffia racks for fertilizers. Production and order options:

    · Without micro perforations.

    · White or colour fabric.

    · With or without natural gussets

    · Printing with up to six colours in both sides

    · Presentation 4000 sacks approx. per pallet

    · Possibility of presentation in boxes

    · Any measurement needed

    Raffia Sacks and big bags with single handle for compost

    Our comprehensive service allows us to provide sacks with a small capacity for 20-30 kg, as well as sacks for 500kg with a single handle, also called single handle big bags widely used to pack fertilizers.

    The raffia sack has become the most resistant and waterproof packaging to store coal, wood, pellets and other solid fuels.

    Our sacks offer an exceptional performance to transport a higher weight and accommodate a larger capacity of coal that the conventional paper sacks.

    We offer packaging solutions with sacks from 5 kg to 50 kg. This allows us to provide our clients with an ample variety of solutions to transport coal or wood with great weight.

    Contamos en nuestra fábrica de sacos con distintos tipos de maquinaria de impresión flexo gráfica. También contamos con un servicio profesional de diseñadores y servicio de clichés de primera calidad. Nuestras maquinas permiten realizar una impresión en tejido laminado y sin laminar por ambas caras y una personalización del logo de hasta tres colores por cada cara.

    Nuestra capacidad de producción nos permite adaptar nuestra maquinaria a sacos desde 30 centímetros hasta 62 centímetros de ancho, y largos desde 40 hasta 110 centímetros. Por ello, podemos customizar casi cualquier modelo de saco que necesite el cliente.

    Aún con ello, cuando se trata de medidas fuera de nuestro alcance, ofrecemos soluciones a medida de nuestros proveedores, haciéndonos capaces de ofrecer soluciones a cualquier necesidad específica.


    The production of the raffia sacks is made parting from a tubular knit of polypropylene of different width. Once printed, it adapts to the length of these to the end of making the palletizing optimal. All the process is made under the constant supervision of our

    team of professionals that guarantee the quality and correct service and functioning of our products.

    Once we provide the product to our client, the company makes a personalized monitoring about the performance of the sacks, studying with the client possible improvements and modifications regarding measurements, slip-resistant treatment, etc.



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