F.I.B.C’S / Bulk bags

Fertiplast has a large selection of bulk bags made for storing and transporting all kind of bulk goods. We’re constantly working to improve the design and functionality of our heavy-duty FIBC bags to meet the diverse needs of our customers across a variety of industries. Each bag can be made to customers demand.

body construction

  • 4 sides + based construction (U&2)
  • Vertical Seams along the edges
  • Woven Inner Panels or Monofilament Inner panels

 Single Loop

This model is designed and intended to be handled in a single lifting point. Easy to handle in transport and use.

Much smaller in size tan estándar FIBC. Drastical optimising of transport.

General application:

  • Fertilisers.
  • Seeds.
  • Grains.
  • Chemicals

– 4 Loops Standar bag

This one is the most traditional bulk container with four loops which offers extra security in loading and transport.

This  bags can be used for a extensive range of products, either dusted materials or granulated. We can customize orders for any special requirement.

Cross Corner Tubular Bags

Cross corner bags have loops stitched on the body of the main fabric, sometimes with added with vertical fabric reinforcement. These bags are preferred when the shape of the lifting loop becomes important. This design is available with all sewing pattern, inlet/outlet design and various closure options.

– Q bags

A Q bag is a form-stable big bag fitted with an internal structure (baffles). These baffles ensure that the Q bag will remain stable after filling with no more than minimum bulging, which means that the FIBC (big bag/jumbo bag) stays within the pallet dimensions and guarantees an optimum load for any type of transport

Filling systems:

Open top

Top skirt

Filling spout

Unloading systems:

Flat bottom

Unloading spout